Why I Love Working with Parents

I enjoy working with clients of all ages and circumstances, but there is a special place in my practice for clients with minor children. This is probably because I am a mom and have two, school-aged kids. 

For my clients with newborns, I remember the thrill and fear of those first months and feeling like it was finally time to get things in order now that I was responsible for another human.

For my clients with school-aged children, I know what it feels like to travel for the first time with my spouse and without the kids (sigh, remember those days pre-2020?) and think, “What happens if…?”

And for my clients with kids approaching adulthood, I can appreciate the shift in family dynamics that comes with this milestone. Your worries and hopes for your kids change, and your estate plan should reflect that. I am not there yet, but I think about it a lot.

I love helping clients during these phases of their lives.

I can relate to the fears, concerns, and wishes and enjoy counseling my clients through them. For example, I love helping clients make decisions about guardians and how to structure their children’s inheritance. I know the right questions to ask, know how to listen for what’s really important to you, and know how to make the right suggestions based on my own personal and professional experience.

If you are looking for an experienced, compassionate, and approachable estate planning lawyer in the greater Portland area, please get in touch to set up an initial phone consultation.

I know that protecting your family is the most important thing to you and that you want legally-effective documents prepared through an easy and efficient process. You’re busy—I get it! Let me help you through it.